Measured Outcomes

Every hospital should follow every patient it treats long enough to determine whether the treatment has been successful, and then inquire ‘if not, why not’ with a view of preventing similar failure in the future
— Ernest Codman, 1914

Measured Outcome:
a future view of Value-Based Healthcare

Incredible that the idea of Value-based Healthcare was already conceived as a desired practice by pioneering Boston surgeon, Ernest Amory Codman back in 1914. The above quote was written in big letters on the wall of the ICHOM offices in Cambridge, MA and pointed out to us by Dr. Caleb Stowell, the VP of Business Development and one of our producers on the film. 

Today’s healthcare delivery model is broken. Practitioners who entered medicine expecting to spend their days working to eliminate human suffering instead find themselves spending a disproportionate amount of time working through the bureaucratic issues of care delivery. Costs continue to increase, quality remains unstable, and health systems desperately seek solutions to overhaul healthcare. A value-based care delivery model, already successfully used by several healthcare organizations, promises to be part of the solution. It’s a transformational approach, requiring difficult short-term decisions in favor of long-term sustainability. And central to this approach is the measurement of patient-reported outcomes, in addition to the traditional process and clinical metrics. The value-based model incorporates what matters most to patients.

In this documentary, a co-author of Redefining Health Care and Harvard strategy professor, Michael E. Porter, PhD, shares the culmination of more than 20 years of work documenting what happens when organizations use the value-based care model. He makes the case that the healthcare industry should concentrate on quality as measured by patients, even suggesting that organizations who cannot deliver high-quality care in certain areas should redirect their resources toward care delivery where they can be the best in the world. Additionally, Marini-Klinik (a world leader in volume and quality of prostatectomies) shares how a surgeon in the group improved care quality using these patient-reported outcomes. Sahlgrenska University Hospital (Gothenburg, Sweden) and Boston Children’s Hospital add to the success stories that the value-based model is bringing to healthcare. The documentary also includes insightful commentary from Stefan Larsson, MD, PhD, Senior Partner and Managing Director at The Boston Consulting Group and Christina Akerman, CEO of the International Consortium for Health Outcomes Measurement.

A Film By: Nathaniel Hansen & Ethan Vincent
Executive Producer: Paul Horstmeier, Health Catalyst
Produced by: Chris Keller & Caleb Stowell, Nathaniel Hansen
Cinematography by: Ethan Vincent & Nathaniel Hansen
Sound Design and Audio Mix: Alexander Wieser
Music by: Various artists
Featuring: Prof. Markus Graefen, Prof. Hartwig Huland, Dr. Detlef Loppow, Prof. Michael Porter, Dr. Christian Ackerman, Dr. Caleb Stowell, Dr. Stefan Larsson, Dr. John Meara, Dr. Barbro Friden, Dr. Ali Khatami, Joakim Kendall, Dr. Maziar Mohaddes

Total Running Time: 22:00
Format: NTSC 1080p 23.98 Stereo
Premiered at Health Analytics Summit 2015 in Salt Lake City, 09/09/15