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Turning Point: Thistle Farms

I think the line between
priest and prostitute is really small...
and the line that separates
all of us is just as small.
— Becca Stevens, Founder, Magdalene and Thistle Farms


"Turning Point" is a PBS affiliate TV series about remarkable people, the philanthropic organizations these individuals have created and an in-depth look at that exact moment when they decided to embark on their particular endeavor. Needless to say, working on this series, meeting these inspiring individuals gave me enough fuel for self-examination for a lifetime. 

One of the most impactful shows to me as a director was the "Thistle Farms" episode with Becca Stevens, based in Nashville, TN. As an episcopal priest, Becca founded Magdalene & Thistle Farms, a community and social enterprise that stands with women recovering from prostitution, trafficking, addiction and life on the streets. Magdalene, the residential housing model program, serves women for two years at no cost to residents. Thistle Farms employs 40 residents and graduates who manufacture, market and sell all natural bath and beauty products in over 200 retail stores across the globe.

Produced by Cosmic Pictures, Marty Patch, Rich Patch
Directed by Ethan Vincent
Cinematography by Ethan Vincent & Ty Arnold
Music by Frederik Wiedmann, Hyesu Yang
Edited by Genéa Gaudet

Special Thanks to Becca Stevens and all the amazing women at Thistle Farms

Total running time: 25 min.
Premiered on PBS September 2010