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It's always an uphill struggle to get a project off the ground, especially when it involves yourself, like building your website or shopping for clothing. Following in my father's footsteps of being a terrible self-promotor, the Vincents seem to prefer flying under the radar, mostly on account of being completely overbooked, overwhelmed or overworked. And then, I usually complain about it too. 

It is therefore with great pleasure, trepidation and elation that I present to you my new site. Full of ambition, I am writing blog posts and combing through all the links, images and projects. Yes, I'm most definitely caught up in the honeymoon phase of my shameless plug, but it is coming together in a nice way. And, oh so very soon, the emails and facebook posts will venture into the crevices of cyberspace, begging for attention like a fluffy new puppy.

Here's also to hoping that my writing resolutions will stick. And, another habit I am trying to break with this new endeavor, is my tendency to delay finishing the long list of passion projects and documentaries I've been kicking around far too long.

Get 'er done, dude. Seriously. Milestones.