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With a busy work summer - ok, not that busy...certainly not trapped editing my usual documentary project with the ever-impending fall deadline of the past four years alongside my fine and talented filmmaker-collaborator-friend Nathaniel Hansen - I now encounter pockets of time to examine the here and now...the "me-in-the-moment." Time to think a bit within the confines of self-doubt, cuddled up closely right next to all the artistic insecurities known to creative types. But this time it feels ok.

In my personal life, my oldest son is soon to embark on his own journey and with his speedy departure another sea change is underway, about to transpose our current family chemistry into a foreshadowing of what it all may become when all the kiddos leave the nest...a strange thought. My youngest is 3 now so yeah, I have a lot of time left. Phew. 

And so, although it is hard with the myriad of ideas and ambitions raging inside, wanting to boil to the surface, I find it easier to choose my moments wisely, family over work, soaking it all in as they so quickly melt before my eyes. "Nostalgia-prone-me" has been doing well to shield off all the sadness.

Like dancing, the ecstasy of movement, fat beats and drops of sweat...all of it offers answers: to enjoy, to smile and to laugh more, to dance and delight, to create your own mood, fend off the clouds, spend important time with family. 

Thanks to these latest discoveries. You make me smile.

An oldie but goodie.

And for all the ones who say music today is not as interesting as in days past. From the minds and old spirits of the young D'Addario brothers something new, weird and all over the place (not so dance-able).