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For the sesquicentennial celebration on May 18th 2018, Vienna's University of Applied Arts held an event in their new building in attendance of President Van der Bellen and other dignitaries and celebrities. 

This 150 Years Trailer was screened at the beginning. 

Executive Producer: Dr. Gerald Bast
Producer/Director: Ethan Vincent
Director of Photography: Benjamin Paya
Color and Graphics: Manuel Lindinger
Music: "Flux" Jeff Molner, TheMusicBed

Filmed on location in Vienna at the MAK + University of Applied Arts, Vienna
© 2018 Exile Productions

In 2016, I worked with the University of Applied Arts, Vienna to create the film "CONTEMPORARY CODE: ART AND RESEARCH" - a compilation and collection of projects involved in  “CONTEMPORARY CODE — ARTISTIC RESEARCH” exhibition in Hong-Kong. 

Artistic Research is being internationally positioned as part of the new academic guiding model of the University of Applied Arts Vienna. Five years ago, President Gerald Bast co-initiated the PEEK Research Program in Austria, with the aim of promoting an interdisciplinary approach in the arts and sciences. Today, PEEK is one of Austria’s key contributions to the international developments in the field of artistic and research-driven activities.

Below are three 60 second profiles of projects involved in the exhibition and documentary.

GrAB: Growing as Building

GrAB - Growing As Building takes growth patterns and dynamics from nature and applies them to architecture with the goal of creating a new living architecture. GrAB has brought an interdisciplinary team from the fields of architecture, biology, art, mechatronics and robotics to the University of Applied Arts Vienna, in order to initiate a process of biomimetic transfer in which models from nature are applied to architecture and art.

GrAB aims at influencing current developments in architecture to create more sustainable and smart building shells which react to, and interact with, their environment and inhabitants. Furthermore, GrAB’s project goals are to contribute to alternative building
techniques, and an integration of biology and technology to design our future vision of a resilient urban architecture.

Robotic Wood Craft: Performative Producers in Architecture and Design

Until recently, the challenge for using robotic arms in the creative industry has been the accessibility of the software – instead of being able to realize projects themselves, the creative industry had to cooperate with engineers. Today, through new software developed by consortium partner Robots in Architecture, we can now program and simulate robotic arms within our design software, providing a direct and interactive feedback loop between design and fabrication.

 Expansion and development THIS BABY DOLL WILL BE A JUNKIE

THIS BABY DOLL WILL BE A JUNKIE (TBDWBAJ) explores the use of art to effect social change. Specifically, the project focuses on representations of female drug addicts, one of the most vilified marginal groups in society, in an effort to challenge preconceptions, by displaying, in the public domain, events that are generally concealed in the private space.

Collaboration is a core element of our artistic work at several levels: first, in working with female addicts who
are being held in detention facilities; second, in our close cooperation with a wide range of related institutions; third, through programming and debate in the institutional cultural arena; and finally, through our intervention in the public domain. The use of different distribution channels and forms of disclosure in the public domain (online archives, debate) is not only an important
vehicle in making our work known to a general public − that is, the members of political society – but it also helps to connect target groups that would not otherwise have any contact, and confront them with each other. The debates broach themes such as the quality of democracy in a society whose public space is ‘purged’ of undesirable elements, the relationship between intuitive artistic
practice and precise artistic action, and the implications of the knowledge generated by this project for other forms of community art intervention.

Here's the entire film for the exhibition

CONTEMPORARY CODE: ART AND RESEARCH at the University of Applied Arts Vienna

"Contemporary Code: Art and Research at the University of Applied Arts Vienna" utilizes a stylized, yet stringent format to portray Artistic Research at the University of Applied Arts Vienna. Within fixed time parameters set by the filmmaker, 60 seconds are granted to each artist and project in the field of Artistic Research. This creative time constraint however, still manages to extract the essence of individual approaches within the most condensed framework. Enveloped between these project segments are discourses surrounding aspects of Artistic Research, in which the viewer never veers too far off topic and a wide variety of artist’s interpretations on the subject take shape.

Project Producers/Coordinators:
Alexander Damianisch, Romana Schuler

Executive Producer
University of Applied Arts Vienna, Gerald Bast

Ethan Vincent

Director of Photography
Benjamin Paya

Manuel Lindinger

Sound Design
MG-SOUND Studios, Dominik Schlager

b.fleischmann (morr music)

1st AC
Eva Mittermüller

Production Coordinator
Wiebke Miljes

Artistic Research Consultant
Romana Schuler

Rawtation (, Manuel Lindinger

Graphic Design
Tom Albrecht, Daniel Hammer

GERHARD WIDMER: Music and Intelligent Computers

EN: Together with the FWF (Wissenschaftsfonds - Scientificfunds), I created this portrait with computer scientist Gerhard Widmer, who explored the question whether technology can perceive music and the prototype he created to pursue an answer.

DE: In den Räumlichkeiten von Bösendorfer in Wiener Neustadt zeigt der Informatiker und Musikliebhaber Gerhard Widmer wie der Computer Musik erkennt und "wahrnimmt". Sein Ziel ist die Entwicklung eines Prototyps, der mit Musikerinnen und Musikern interagiert, der sich auf das Spiel, auf Tempo, Ausdruck und Intention einlässt und mitspielt.