Portraits and short documentaries films created by documentary filmmaker Ethan Vincent.


For the past 7 years, I've been shooting and directing short form documentary portraits. A lot of them. The products, motivations and clients may differ greatly at times, but the process of engaging individuals has remained the same. As a director I've walked away enriched, touched, blessed and influenced by these remarkable individuals, visionaries and working class philosophers. Many have figured things out, but the majority of individuals, like myself, are still searching. Nothing is ever certain when embarking on such projects, but the bond that connects me with the individuals who give of themselves so graciously is tinged with timeless poignance. 

health catalyst: Leadership vignettes

2016/2017 | USA

19 vignettes based on inspiring thought leaders, CEOs, doctors, surgeons and physicians were created for the Utah-based company Healthcatalyst. The campaign was cleverly rolled into the two documentaries we were creating for the 2016 Health Analytics Summit. Having completed four documentaries for Healthcatalyst we were also able to pull from a library of interviews. 

Thought leader and healthcare innovator Dr. Devi Shetty talks about his transformative experience when he was called upon to assist Mother Teresa. From that point on he understood the power of touch and ultimately found his life calling as a heart surgeon.

Penny Wheeler, CEO of Allina Health in Minneapolis, MN, discusses the importance of listening to patients and following intuition. Her genuine, authentic and down-to-earth style made for an incredibly open conversation and interview.

Our interview with the Dean of Jefferson College's Population Health department, Dr. David Nash, was captivating and inspiring. Clearly practiced in the art of delivering strong sound-bytes, Dr. Nash shared his wisdom and passion on all things population health. 

Dr. Loren Molina is an obstetrician-gynecologist in Tacoma, Washington with Multicare. She not only has the most infectious smile and laugh, but has made serious changes within the healthcare system; improving patient outcomes based on consistent new information, data and feedback.

| Producing Entity: Health Catalyst | Agency: .dot agency | Producer: Chris Keller, Paul Horstmeier | Directed/Shot by Ethan Vincent & Nathaniel Hansen | Additional Camera: Tim Irwin | Music: Founder Music |


2013 | USA

We spent a couple days with Natalie and her son, exploring the city.  She shared the personal story of how overcoming acne as a young adult helped her find the courage to become a writer in the big apple. 

Beauty blogger and make-up artist, Nuy Cho, was great to interview as she openly shared the story of her mother’s role as a key factor in overcoming her challenges.

| Producing Entity: CLINIQUE | Agency: CASE Agency | Directed/Shot by Nathaniel Hansen & Ethan Vincent | Editor: CASE Agency Music: Founder Music |


2013-2014 | AUSTRIA

30 second TV Spot. There is a longer three-minute version as well. This portrait of wind surfer pro, Max Mattisek, illustrates what it takes to be successful in competitive sports. Sometimes, there just isn't enough room for relationships. 

This is the 30 second spot. There is also a lengthier three-minute portrait.  Prof. Dr. Martina Leibovici-Mühlberger, psychotherapist and educational consultant, shares her deep insights on life and how she found the strength to press on after a cancer diagnosis.

60-second TV spot. Daniel Nekola tells his weight-loss story after a difficult break-up.   His subsequent life has given him the courage to pursue a new-found passion in sports and cooking, as well as a fresh relationship.

30 second TV spot on running guru Willi Prokop. Keeping up with him wasn't easy, especially when I realized how much I needed the early morning running shots. 3:45 AM every day. Can't imagine.

30-second TV spot of Stefanie Schulz as a caretaker in one of Vienna's addiction recovery centers. It has given her more insight into the small things that lead to addiction and how very difficult it can be to overcome this disease. 

30-second TV spot on Barbara Bergmann highlighting the changes she made following her cancer diagnosis. Taking a deep breath, investing time in people and knowing when and how to relax, was key in her recovery.

| Agency: ZUM GOLDENEN HIRSCHEN Campaigning GmbH; Production Company: Sabotage Films; Producer: Roland Rüschenschmidt; Directed/Shot by Ethan Vincent; Additional Camera: Nino Leitner, Benjamin Paya; Editor: Manuel Lindinger, Michael Doberer; Music: Founder Music |


2015 | AUSTRIA

Katrin Stöckl rose quickly to the top, after starting at Hofer. She was in the middle of finishing up her high school degree (the "Matura" = more like an associate's degree in America) while we were filming. She was patient and gracious in repeating her gymnastic exercises. Katrin was focused and had a relaxed way of talking about her future. 

Irmgard Fischer's zest for life and love for her family made shooting a real joy. Hofer as an employer was flexible in accomadating her schedule. The little paradise she created in southern Austria next to rolling hills and vineyards offered plenty of beauty as backdrop.

Krisztian Marcin is a Hungarian immigrant, who came to Austria when he was 10 years-old. After three years of working at Hofer and saving, he was finally able to buy his dream car. We had some beautiful momentscapturing sunset horseback riding footage with Krisztian and his girlfriend.

Viktoria Huemer works in the IT department at Hofer. She managed the tech team but also plays a key position in her local soccer team. Her balcony faces the Alps, of course and all she had to do in the last hours of our shoot was to read and relax. Perfect.

| Agency: Gull + Company GmbH | Production Company: Sabotage Films |  Producer: Thomas Brunner, Fabian Grießhaber | Director: Ethan Vincent | Camera: Benjamin Paya | Additional Camera: Ethan Vincent | Sound: Franz Moritz| Gaffer: Florian Hrad |  Still photographer: Dieter Steinbach | Editor: Manuel Lindinger | Shot on RED Dragon, Canon C300, Panasonic GH4 |


2010-2014 | USA

The "I'm a Mormon" campaign began with strong documentary intentions: to follow unique individuals who happen to be Mormon and lead interesting lives with vigor and intent. A group of A-List filmmakers were recruited to bring their voice, style and energy to the table. It was an exciting time, and with a few nominal instructions, the filmmakers were cut loose with an unusually long leash from this particular client, each pursuing their candidates with tour de force.

As a somewhat conventional documentary filmmaker, this campaign allowed me to loosen up, have fun, be spontaneous and messy in uncontrollable shooting environments as I continued to perfect my skills as an interviewer. In total, I produced, directed, shot and edited over 75 of these portraits across 10 countries. If Malcolm Gladwell's "Outliers" statement that "ten thousand hours is the magic number of greatness" still holds, then I've surely crossed the mark through my work on this campaign.

Here are a few.

Grant Leeworthy is an Australian abalone hunter, fishery scientist, former rock-n-roller, and family man. Above all, he's a believer in a God who made the world around us. 

Vanessa is an aerial dancer in London. Sometimes, our path in life is not always easy and throws you a curve ball.

Sarah Osmotherly is an Aussie country girl who is the life of the party. But a call from her daughter prompted Sarah to embrace a quieter life at home instead. 

Lori McBride is faced with life and death situations, which sometimes end tragically. But passion for her job and a belief in life after death give her strength. 

Motorcycle trainer Steve Brouggy knows what it's like to ride at 200 km an hour. He also knows what it's like to lose a father. Through the highs and lows, he holds on to his faith. 

As a carpet cleaner, working hard is something Mike Turvey has always done. It's his love for his family and Jesus Christ that gives him have the strength to carry on.

Wilfried Möller is a former educator who has hiked over 20,000 kilometers along the infamous Jacob's trail, and shows no signs of slowing down. 

Christian Bolt is a sculptor who breathes life and art into blocks of stone. His own life was like the rough-hewn stone, guided by the Master's hand. 

| Agency: Bonneville Communications | Production Company: Exile Productions |  Producer: Adam Abel, Eric Morgan, Aaron Merrell | Director: Ethan Vincent | Camera: Ethan Vincent, Tim Irwin | Additional Camera: Ethan Vincent |  Still photographer: Ethan Vincent | Editor: Christian Pulfer, Ethan Vincent | Shot on Canon 7D, 5D MrkIII, Panasonic AF100, GH4, GoPros |


2014 | USA

| Habit #1: Power to Develop Self Confidence.

During his 15 years in prison, Dave Dahl learned a skill that changed his life and helped him create the best selling organic bread in the country: Dave’s Killer Bread. His foundation is about helping others build a better, more productive life.

| Habit #3: Power to Learn and Create.

A portrait of Jared Summers and his philosophy on excellence and perfection. If you never try, stretch a little and learn something new - regardless of your skill level - you'll never experience the satisfaction of accomplishment.

|Habit #5: Power to Excel

After loosing his brother to gun violence at 11, Nephi Kalamafoni ended up with 10 year sentence at 17. His philosophy now: focus on what you can change, fight your demons and rise to the top. 

|Habit #4: Power to Take Control of Your Life. 

A portrait of Peter Mikkelsen who works construction and believes in making a real plan in life, no matter what vocation you hold. If you just drift, life will decide for you.

| Produced by Dave Richards/Nathaniel Hansen |  Directed by Ethan Vincent and Nathaniel Hansen | Cinematography: Tim Irwin, Ethan Vincent, Nathaniel Hansen | Edited by Nathaniel Hansen | Shot in Portland, OR - 2014