Corporate films and corporate documentary films created by documentary filmmaker Ethan Vincent


d&b audiotechnik defines the global standard for professional sound systems and constantly elevates the quality of sound to accurately transfer passions.
— Amnon Harman, CEO, d&b audiotechnik

This corporate image film sets out to tell the story of Germany's professional sound system giant, d&b audiotechnik. Profiling the companies' various areas of focus, key personalities and its broad scope was a tall order, but also one of the most enjoyable projects I've been associated with in a long time.
But I should let d&b audiotechnik explain who they are: As the name implies, a d&b audiotechnik system is not just a loudspeaker. Nor is it merely a sum of the components: loudspeakers, amplifiers, accessories and software. 
Whether it is the loudspeakers, electronics, hardware accessories, or software tools, from R&D, through to prototype production, testing and finally manufacturing, d&b products are one hundred percent made in Germany. The company constantly researches and invests in state of the art production processing tools, and has a highly engaged professional workforce that is regularly trained in the most current technologies and equipment. So from the company's small beginnings of two hundred square meters it can now claim a manufacturing facility of over twenty-three thousand square meters, not to mention its ever developing top of the range, high quality sound reinforcement products.
And of course, Made in Germany.

| CREDITS: Directed By: Ethan Vincent | Concept by: Ethan Vincent and Zone Media | Executive Producer: d&b audiotechnik | Produced by: Zone Media & Dagmar Bever | Creative Producer: Nicole Reinold | Production Manager: Sabrina Tonner | Cinematographer: Benjamin Paya | Camera Assistant: Eva Mittermüller | Sound Recording: Peter Priemer, Florian Schreiner |
Gaffer: Florian Hrad | Edited by: Alexander Scheucher, Ethan Vincent | Titles and Graphics: Lorenz Meyer | Sound Design and Audio | Mix: Alexander Wieser | Music by: Founder Music, The Music Bed | Featuring: Gianni Abruzzese, Elena Schabalina, William Cornell, Christian Stumpp, Amnon Harman, Werner Bayer, Frank Bothe, Phil Coe, Mike Case, Albrecht Mildenberger, Janko Ramuscak, Markus Strohmeier | Aerial Footage: Mario Hegewald, Getty Images | GERMANY | Total running time: 8:25 |


For the company True Fit, I worked alongside director Nathaniel Hansen to capture the stories of several fashion aficionados around the globe. With House of Fraser we told the story of Claudia Walker and her expertise in all things denim.

| CREDITS: Directed By: Nathaniel Hansen & Ethan Vincent | Executive Producer: True Fit | Produced by: Nathaniel Hansen,  | Music by: Founder Music |

OMV: Aus Österreich. Für Österreich. 

This national spot for Austria's oil and gas company OMV, highlights the organization's roots within Austria and is currently still airing.

CREDITS: Directed By: Ethan Vincent | Executive Producer: OMV | Produced by: Zone Media & Sara Arnsteiner | Cinematographer: Benjamin Paya | Edited by: Sara Arnsteiner, Ethan Vincent | Sound Design and Audio Mix: Alexander Wieser | Music by: Founder Music |

MARTINI-KLINIK: Perfecting Optimal Treatment

This is a short corporate promo highlights the accomplishments and operations of the renowned Martini-Klinik in Hamburg, Germany.

With around 2,200 prostate cancer operations per year, the Martini-Klinik is not only the biggest Prostate Cancer Center in Germany, but in fact the number one worldwide. Compared to the biggest American university clinics, the Mayo-Clinic and the Johns Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore, the Martini-Klinik performs almost double the amount of operations. This specialization on one disease enables a very high diagnostic rate and a speedy recovery as diagnosis and postoperative care is carefully monitored by chief physicians. More than 98 per cent of the patients treated would recommend treatment at the Martini-Klinik: one of the most valuable indicators of high satisfaction.

| CREDITS: Producers: Martini-Klinik, Chris Keller | Directors: Ethan Vincent & Nathaniel Hansen |

Greentube Novomatic Interactive

Greentube, the global interactive business unit of NOVOMATIC, is the leading full-service provider in the online and mobile gaming sector and a pioneer in the development and provision of state-of-the-art gaming solutions.

Greentube was founded in 1998 as Dürrschmid&Reisinger OEG. NOVOMATIC realized at an early stage that the online gaming market would become increasingly important. Therefore, NOVOMATIC UK Ltd. acquired 100% of Greentube. NOVOMATIC UK and Greentube share the same philosophy and work towards a common goal: to create state-of-the-art casino games.

Moreover, Greentube’s industry leading omni-channel technology allows the convergence of online, mobile and land-based games. The diversified product portfolio includes Classic Slots, Table Games, Sportsbook, Live Dealer Gaming, AWP Reloaded Slots, Server-Based Gaming, Social Casino Gaming, Bingo and more.

| CREDITS: Client: Greentube Novomatic Interactive | Production Company: Zone Media -  | Producers: Benno Pichler, Sara Arnsteiner | Writer/Director: Ethan Vincent | Art Director and Animator: Marion Habringer - | Additional Animators: Claudia Nussbaumer, Bobi Badic |

LEGO UNIVERSE: Behind-the-Music & Sound

A Lego Universe Behind-The-Scenes piece about the Music and Sound Design of Lego Universe. 

Filmed Air Studios in London with Sir Patrick Stewart.
Filmed in Los Angeles at Brian Tyler's studio (

CREDITS: Executive Producer: LEGO, Helle Winding | Production by Exile Productions |  Directed/Shot/Edited by Ethan Vincent


I was hired as a director to help Kaleidoscope Pictures in creating a documentary for one of their top clients. Since the video is currently used in various training materials, here is just a glance at the beginning/opening segment.

| CREDITS: Produced by Kaleidoscope Pictures | Directed by Ethan Vincent | Cinematography by Brandon Christiansen | Editorial by Jeff Davis